Gennep - Ommen

Dear Diana,

My second walking tour going from south to north on the Pieterpad, from Gennep to Ommen, was even more delightful than the first, if that is possible!

The spring scenery was lovely, with so many different shades of green emerging on the trees. Just as I was getting a bit tired of fields and cows, the countryside changed to hillsides full of heather, gently rolling hills, and some wide hilltops looking about 360 degrees over many kilometers. Although the heather was not in bloom, the soft purplish brown had a rather mysterious beauty. The forests were always interspersed along the way, providing variation from other countryside. This section of the Pieterpad passed quite an assortment of manor houses and small castles, fascinating to me as an American.

The accommodations were all excellent, with an enjoyable mix of B&Bs and small hotels. The hosts were, without exception, welcoming and helpful.

As you know, I walked half of this stretch with my friend Eliane and half by myself. My navigating has improved, so I never got lost this time! I love the companionship of walking with my friend, but also find that walking alone is an adventure. I encountered and talked with people along the way and never felt isolated.

Thank you for the excellent arrangements you made for Eliane and me. I look forward to walking the last third of the Pieterpad, from Ommen to Pieterburen in the future. Having walked in the Netherlands in the summer and spring, I hope I can do this last stretch in the autumn.

Best regards to you,


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